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80 Gallon Olsa 316L Stainless Steel Jacketed Double Motion Sanitary Kettle/Reactor, Vacuum


1-Used Olsa approx. 80 Gallon (300 liter) Type 316L Stainless Steel Jacketed Vacuum Double Motion Kettle/Reactor, S/N 4300.  Interior diameter approx. 32 in., Vessel has approx. 11 in. high dome top and dished bottom head.  Rated 116 PSI @ 350 degrees F in jacket and internal rating of 58 PSI/full vacuum @ 305.6 degrees F, National Board and Code Stamped.  With double motion scraper agitator, top driven by Eurodrive "piggy-back" drive motors, scraper agitator currently operates at 42 RPM, counter rotating agitator operates at 90 RPM.  Top head has approx. 8 in. manway with cover and sight glass and has twelve (12) assorted tri-clamp openings. With polished interior surfaces,  vessel has center bottom discharge with pneumatic air valve.  Mounted on portable stand with casters, unit also has Weigh-tronics WI-130 Digital Scale with load cells.  (Stock # 8103A)

Item number: 8103A
Capacity/Model: 100 Gallon
Brand: OLSA
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