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GAI/Prospero Monoblock Wine Bottling Line , 750ml, 1.5l and 375ml bottles


1-Used wine bottling line consisting of a 5 lane stainless steel infeed conveyor, GAI 12 head rotary cleaner, GAI/Prospero Monoblock Filler with 16 head rotary filler and Arol rotary corker, Prospero OMB Foiler,  Secomak Thermo Shrink Cap Sealer/Tunnel, and a Kosme 2 sided pressure sensitive labeler (model Extra-ADV-8T-S3-E3). Line can accommodate 750ml, 1.5ml, and 375ml bottles. (L1242)

Item number: L1242
Capacity/Model: GAI/Prospero
Brand: GAI
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