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Surekap SKF-5000 Ten Spout Straight Line Liquid Filler, All Stainless Steel


1-Used Surekap Model SKF-5000 Ten Head fully Automatic Straight Line Overflow Liquid Filler, S/N GN1690F.  Suitable for foaming and non-foaming liquids, as well as medium viscosity fluids, this stainless steel Filler is equipped with stainless steel motorized Indexing Conveyor with air indexing for synchronizing of containers.  With plastic tabletop Conveyor chain measuring approx. 4-1/2 in. wide X 118 in. long, Filler has Leeson 1/4 HP "Wash Guard" Centrifugal Pump and approx. 12 in. X 25 in. X 16 in. Product Feed Tank.  On casters for portability, Filler has PLC control with keypad and stainless steel manifold.  Present spouts measure approx. 3/8 in. diameter, Filler last used in liquid nutraceutical products.  (Stock #7896)

Item number: 7896
Capacity/Model: SKF-5000
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